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Capacity for change is as inherent to people as resistance to change is. It’s easy to change when we want to and impossible when we don’t. At MoiAcció, that’s where we focus our efforts: we believe that the key to success is in change. Error management is a key cultural change for any company. When making changes, we don’t always get it right on the first try. It is important to manage errors as a natural learning process, that it is, without placing blame or destroying trust.

Change management at companies

Change is inherent to life. We do not stay forever the same. We are constantly evolving, inside and out. Try as we might to conserve some aspects of ourselves, they still change day by day.

Awareness of change is the foundation for evolution or stagnation. Change means looking beyond the day to day; it’s a crossroads, a change of tracks, an unforeseen perspective, a surprise. We can make predictions about change but we’ll never have complete control over it. That is why being open to change is vital for overcoming challenges and achieving success.

Change is re-evolution: there is more than one way to do things right, but we can only discover them through change.

Results of successful change management

Constructive dialogues
Error management as a learning tool
Spaces for continuous transformation with a view towards evolution
Understanding change as a natural process, not as a complication

What, how and why?

For this, we need good or excellent communication and space to provide explanations, gain understanding and ask questions. If this space is already available, we won’t need to create it during the change. Willingness to change arises when we can clearly see that doing so will lead to improvement. This improvement is always subjective and, in a company, there are different subtleties and needs to consider, listen and attend to, and explain for change to be successful.

Strength, consistency, resilience, vision and anticipation, confidence and positive intentions.

If you detect the following situations at your company, then there’s a change management problem:

  • People don’t understand what’s going on at the company.
  • There is resistance to change due to the perception that it won’t work or that the way things used to be done was better.
  • There is the belief that the changes underway are unnecessary or imposed and that people already have enough experience to know what is effective.
  • People believe there are too many changes taking place at the company.
  • People get tired of changing leaderships and processes.
  • There is only interest in getting the job done, not in changing.

You can determine whether there is resistance to company change by asking questions such as:

  • How long have you been doing the same thing?
  • Are your professional aspirations being met in your current position?
  • How many different teams or projects have you managed?
  • What do you think of remote working?
  • How does your team react to new things?

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