We turn bosses into excellent leaders

We are born with the tools to become good leaders. But we must become aware of these instruments, develop them and trust in their implementation and operation.

Everybody does this in their own way, by combining the instrumental knowledge specific to their profession with relationship knowledge and leadership skills.

Why quality company leadership is important

Leadership is the natural behaviour of anyone who knows themselves and learns, models and embodies the internal resources we use to govern our personal, social, work, and spiritual life.

As leaders, we direct our actions and those of our teams toward a purpose, be it an individual or shared goal.

Results of improving company leadership

Confidence in one's own decisions
Trust in others
The team's trust in the leader
Willingness to listen and be open to information
More valuable contributions from teams
More opportunities for improvement and growth
Better management of adversity and uncertainty

What, how and why?

Relationship skills to manage people and teams, proximity, the ability to generate connections, attract and retain talent, active and empathetic listening to understand what is happening with the team, accountability in responding to and anticipating conflicts, the ability to make decisions and implement them through actions that allow the team to grow even further. Optimal time management and open and effective communication are also needed, or as we call it at MoiAcció, ‘3D Vision‘: Discuss, Disagree and Diversify.

There are many different types of leadership, which vary based on academic and sectorial philosophy, cultural and economic context, and pre-established beliefs. They are all acceptable and are found in our daily lives. Enhancing each person’s natural leadership style is what we do at MoiAcció: we help you make decisions in line with your instinct, not against it. Only then will you become a leader and overcome challenges, reach your goals, enjoy success, and fulfil your purpose as a member and leader of any group you belong to.

The idea is to work on your own leadership model – what you are born with, what you believe in, what you feel comfortable with and what works for you. We help you connect with your surroundings and adapt and update your tools.

If you detect the following situations at your company, then there’s a leadership problem:

  • There are often many paths to follow.
  • There is no consistency between what is said and what is done.
  • Nobody knows the company’s values.
  • There are ‘unofficial’ leaders.
  • There is no clearly defined strategy.
  • There is difficulty gaining perspective when facing a problem.
  • There is no originality when setting the guidelines to follow.

You can determine whether the leadership at your company is successful by asking your team questions such as:

  • Who do you think really runs the company?
  • Who do you trust to keep this company going?
  • Is there anyone at the company you admire?

Because it means the person defines the position they hold rather than the position defining them. Each person creates their own role; it is not the role that conditions the person’s performance. The term ‘instrumental intelligence‘ refers to knowledge of the technical aspects of a company, organization or workplace; it is the type of intelligence related to the specific job title. ‘Relationship intelligence‘, on the other hand, refers to understanding other people and their relationships in the professional setting and is essential to becoming a good leader.

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