What do the training sessions consist of?

Training sessions consist of high-impact, recreational, practical activities held in different settings. Since each company and department are different and have different needs and goals, we design customized solutions. The training sessions are thus completely tailored to your specific needs from the start. No two training sessions are alike because no two teams are alike. That said, they’re always aimed at sparking the CHANGE MOMENT in all the participants.

What is the CHANGE MOMENT?

The CHANGE MOMENT is the mark left by MoiAcció on your team. It is the moment of change or a turning point that leads to goals being met, individual and group learning, and the success of the project. It’s the key to maintaining the results of the process with MoiAcció long term.

How long is the process with MoiAcció?

As short as possible. We work side by side with each team to design a solution tailored to their needs from the outset. That is why the duration and format of each solution respond to the objectives set on a case-by-case basis. At MoiAcció, we offer solutions that range from one-day to periodic training sessions. As goals are achieved, we reduce the number of sessions needed.

What do I need to know or to bring to the training sessions?

Nothing but your current state and an open mind. All the solutions –and training sessions– are adapted to the members and circumstances of each team, so they do not require any specific skills, knowledge or equipment. In fact, we recommend just the opposite: the less information people bring with them, the more they will use their imagination, and benefit from the surprise factor. Just come willing to collaborate, understand and connect with your team.

How do I know if I need a solution from MoiAcció?

Keeping teams motivated, involved and connected at your company is crucial to success. At MoiAcció, we are committed to meeting this goal. If you think your company or any of its departments could use a boost in this area, get in touch with us to assess the situation, no strings attached. If, on the other hand, you have already tried traditional methods or you think you are committed to making a change, let us surprise you.