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It’s vital for every company to find the perfect balance of communication. Too much communication comes over as boring, false and suspicious. Too little, on the other hand, leaves room for imagination.

To find the right balance, an internal process aimed at truly listening to the company is needed.

Internal communication on work teams

Communication is the meeting point for people, the culmination of connection, the very location where relationships are established and words, knowledge, gestures, cultures and habits are exchanged.

When that meeting point is solid and at its best, understanding takes place and relationships prosper. When we’re not able to connect, however, we are not on the same wavelength as one another, communication fails and thus, so do the relationships between people. There can also be frustrating experiences in which communication is not just unsuccessful but is also the trigger for a battle of egos or conflict.

Just like a traffic signal, it’s vital to pay attention to communication so that the company can run smoothly.

By improving team communication, we achieve

Better connected teams
Optimized internal company relationships
A deeper understanding of needs
A greater sense of belonging at the company
An improved work climate
More efficient leadership
Less difficulty implementing changes at the company
Greater team willingness

What, how and why?

For a company to be as productive and run as smoothly as possible, not only do team members need to understand and communicate with each other as efficiently as possible, but the team as a whole must be able to adequately communicate with other teams.

We believe in holistic communication work at companies. We train different teams and departments so that, in the end, the whole company speaks the same language and uses the same mimetic code and slang to connect and understand each other beyond spoken words and written communication (processes, memos, intranet, etc.). This helps prevent conflict due to poor communication; understanding is reached through internal communication and, as a result, more goals are achieved.

At MoiAcció, we talk about ‘opening the windows’ or taking action to open up honest, clear, easy and direct communication channels without intermediaries. In this way, anonymous suggestion boxes become a thing of the past. It’s important for people to grow and mature and for their responsibilities to evolve along with their relationship skills. Improved internal communication translates into mature team members.

This, in turn, results in greater systemic relationship intelligence (SRI) in the group, which learns that it’s possible to talk about absolutely anything when the channel is properly tuned.

The relationship skills we deem essential for successful communication to be worked on to enhance connection in the group are empathy, intellectual humility and knowledge transfer, mental clarity, enthusiasm, conviction, staging and choice of information. Based on the company’s circumstances and culture, we also talk about context.

If you detect the following situations at your company, then there’s a team communication problem:

  • No matter how much they talk, people don’t understand each other.
  • Briefing attendance is low.
  • ‘I know that she/he can hear me but I don’t feel heard’.
  • There is no interaction (questions) at team meetings.
  • It’s hard to come to an agreement when making decisions, which results in wasted time.
  • The company’s formal communication channels are not used.

Communication is a socialization tool. A high percentage of the problems we encounter at companies have their roots in communication. Our relationships with others depend on our ability to communicate and yet we don’t always give it enough importance.

💡 One way to assess the level and quality of your company’s internal communication is to ask a wide range of people in different positions and departments the same question. You can then review how heterogeneous or similar their answers are.

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