How do we work?

Productive teams =
Profitable companies

We firmly believe that unhappy people can not obtain excellent results in a sustainable way. That’s why we focus on people as a force for change and their talent, potential and growth as the main source of success at companies.

People form teams and teams obtain results for companies.

We’re experts in transforming organizations into highly productive companies formed by highly satisfied people through the development of soft skills. We help discover new solutions from a different perspective, through conscious and holistic learning.

Our objective is to give teams the necessary tools to achieve their goals by the time we finish the training sessions.

How do we achieve productive and profitable teams and companies?

We get to know the company, listen to and understand its needs, and set goals.

We get to know the people who work at the company, the teams and their relationships to understand the root of the problem to be solved.

We design tailor-made action plans, taking into account the objectives, company culture, values, and above all, the people who work at the company.

We implement these actions for each team and measure the results obtained, comparing them with our initial objectives. We give personalized feedback to each participant.

We design training sessions using different tools:

Coaching helps you take action when you are stuck, full of doubts or facing a new challenge and need to proceed smoothly and efficiently. Coaching helps you notice change, movement and possibility in your life.

It means asking the right questions to find smart, specific, and decisive answers.

Executive coaching helps you prepare for meetings, focus on goals, people, and the group relationship, and gain awareness of what you want to enhance or improve.

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences posits that intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence are the pillars of emotional intelligence, allowing people and their environment to grow through social interaction. In other words, personal growth lies in the maturity of our emotional behaviour.

A person’s emotional intelligence defines their behaviour. That’s why we focus on our emotional foundation as the centre of decision-making and behaviour towards ourselves and the team.

Decision processing is 90% emotional and 10% rational. Therefore, we think it’s important to help foster this kind of intelligence in the people we work with. All our training sessions bear the stamp of emotional intelligence: empathy, motivation, self-discipline and self-esteem. We aim to maximize the full potential of each person. We make the impossible possible by changing the individual’s chemistry (emotions). This transforms the person, team and company.

Behaving with emotional intelligence means learning to organize the thoughts and feelings we don’t know how to manage.

We use games to reveal our most primal behaviours, both individually and in groups. Through the fun and challenge provided by games, we achieve two things: on the one hand, we normalize everyday behaviours and, on the other, we open ourselves up to feedback and change.

Fun experiences and learning promote change. When we associate learning experiences with fun, our brain consolidates them in a more lasting way and they have a positive impact on our ‘paradigm shifts’. Unconscious behaviour during play is the first type of social interaction we develop and a habit that we repeat throughout our experiences. Through motor praxiology, we discover areas for improvement in the way the group functions. Once the group realizes this, it will be able to propose actions to move toward excellence.

Using the right language is one of the keys to relating to customers. NLP help us find the best formula for approaching, understanding and transforming people and companies in the right direction.

Logical language often does not match neurological language and this is one of the difficulties we deal with at MoiAcció. We help our clients move from their current state towards their goals.

Understanding how thought is structured is an important tool in our training sessions to understand and connect the client’s needs, on the one hand, and to help develop the mental structures needed to contribute to the process of achieving goals, on the other. We do this by turning restrictive paradigms into flexible and adaptable structures. Our neurological processes are smart and immediately recognize and integrate anything that is useful and works for them.

By practising mindfulness, we acquire a greater capacity for concentration – which translates into greater serenity and understanding – through various physical, mental, breathing and meditation techniques.

The most important thing for achieving a healthy company is to reduce work-related accidents and illness, decrease work-related stress and help conserve energy when leaving work. This helps cultivate healthy and motivated teams that are happy to belong to the company.

By using mindfulness in our training sessions, we achieve greater and better attention, more relaxation and a better mood, greater decision-making ability and adaptation to change, an improvement to the work environment, and to the tools of individual team members.

Psychology is a science based on experience, since it uses philosophy and physiology to observe correlations that help us understand our behaviour and search for theory-shaping patterns. We use these theories to understand relationships at a functional (physiological) and social (philosophical) level.

With its multiple applications and theories, psychology forms the base of the pyramid upon which we add, update and reprogram knowledge based on current situations and interactions. It changes the world (environment) and the person, so they can adapt, modify behaviour, thoughts and emotions to respond to the current situation.

At our training sessions, we develop lessons based on everything from cognitive-behavioural psychology to coaching, from social psychology to emotional intelligence, from brain physiology to neuropsychology, from observational methodology to motor praxiology, and from psychometry to evaluation.

WU WEI is a concept of Taoism that refers to the principle of going with the flow. We translate WU WEI into a way of doing things without forcing them but rather just letting them happen at their own pace. It is a method for relaxing the brain so that thought can flow naturally. It consists of ideas that will lead us to create, seek solutions, discuss, broaden perspectives, enjoy the moment, find satisfaction in the task and be more resilient and understanding with ourselves and the environment. WU WEI leads us to a kind of vital minimalism, where change is natural and occurs in a fluid and everyday way.

The MoiAcció method

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an experience is worth a thousand pictures.

Experience is the most powerful form of learning available to us: it is infinitely more useful for us to do something than to talk about it. Action leads to learning as it helps generate a new mental map for daily practice.

Through play and psychomotor activities, we awaken unconscious behaviour (motor praxiology). From there, we deactivate the pre-established mental role that each individual brings with them to the session with. By doing this, we are able to work with the thoughts, emotions and knowledge of the people who form part of the group.

We go beyond theoretical knowledge to directly access the useful and practical part, the essence of human development.

The knowledge you will acquire is totally practical and based on experience with other people. Our goal is for you to react in a completely different way than you used to in difficult situations, to solve all the problems that may arise in your life and achieve personal and professional success.

Why choose MoiAcció?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Einstein

More than 85% of our customers go on to use our services for all their departments

We believe in holistic work to achieve global results

We work on solutions that encompass the entire company

What makes us different?

HUMANS learn by doing, by moving. We learn differently when we experience rather than read or listen. Our work methodology, active listening, customized proposals, surprise factor, the trust we generate in teams and the measurable results we achieve make us unique in what we do.

We don’t offer a catalogue of programms. We first prepare a diagnosis of the company and then design the ideal training session, adapted to the needs of the team and the company. Each project includes different people, teams, values, cultures and conflicts, which is why we always design a unique plan that responds to each company.

Our clients come to us when they’ve already tried all the other traditional methods and found nothing that works for them. They say we make the impossible easy and point to the surprise factor of our training programs. No two training sessions are alike. This poses a constant challenge for teams and drives their motivation to achieve more.

We bring fun, high-impact sessions to the table that lead participants to take away lessons, results and commitments to action for their own growth. Different teams find new ways to connect, communicate, understand each other, collaborate and work more effectively and productively.

These determine the solutions we propose based on the specific needs of each client. They consist of joy, democracy, respect, awareness, collaboration and commitment, as well as the specific values of each company.

Companies, like people, are comprehensive, creative and full of resources. We are flexible, and our solutions are designed together with the team so that learning, personal development and creativity remain active even when the training sessions come to an end.

The tools and activities we propose are designed with the specific solution we hope to achieve in mind. Our added value lies in the individual and group feedback we provide to participants so they can develop their talent and skills to achieve extraordinary results.

We adapt the training session requirements to rural and outdoor spaces whenever possible. The setting plays an important role, but it is never the central focus. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable.

Our customized training sessions for companies are 100% reimbursable by the Fundación Tripartita.