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All leaders must be able to build efficient teams but they don’t always have the tools to do so. Sometimes it happens naturally, but not always. There are even times when a once close-knit and efficient team becomes disjointed and ineffective over time. In such cases, close attention must be paid to teamwork.

Work group or team?

A team is the result of the joint work of a group of people: we do not create teams. We choose a group of people to work together with the hope of building a team. To achieve this, people need to feel as though they are more than just a random addition to the group.

A team is formed when each member grows closer, connects, communicates beyond words, trusts themselves and anticipates the needs of the rest of the group.

Generosity, humour, appreciation, respect, and adaptability arise among all the team members and anything is possible. A team is a mouldable structure that adapts to different situations and, therefore, becomes stronger than any of its individual parts.

Results of teamwork

Highly productive teams
A sense of belonging to the team
A stronger commitment to the team
Greater satisfaction with one's individual role
Success in achieving goals
Reconnection with people
Recognition of co-workers

What, how and why?

Our understanding of team building at MoiAcció has nothing to do with the typical recreational incentives that teams are occasionally given for entertainment. For us, team building, or teamwork, is something else: it is an analysis and decision-making process to connect or reconnect a team of people, improve their efficiency and satisfaction with the role they play. It’s a dynamic and active process, a fun and meaningful one, which in addition to leaving participants feeling good, also achieves long-term results.

Harmony, trust, commitment, willingness to engage in interpersonal relationships, emotional intelligence, listening and communication.

Through teamwork, people create a synergy that allows them to successfully overcome any internal and external demands that arise in a focused, conscious and consensual way.

Teamwork is a constant theme in achieving individual and company goals.

If you detect the following situations at your company, then there’s a teamwork problem:

  • You’re asked to ‘do something’ to bring the team together.
  • Team members are categorized.
  • The expected results are not achieved.
  • There is a lot of complaining, conflict, individual work and imbalanced workloads.
  • There is a great deal of talent loss.
  • ‘So-and-so is impossible and makes everyone else suffer. What can we do about it?’

Through an initial team building session to see how a group of people moves, speaks and overcomes challenges.

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